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Concept of Clinical Water Therapy
This course will guide your therapy practice in medical knowledge and business knowledge. Medical knowledge because you will learn the basics of Clinical Water Therapy making patients thrive regardless of age. Business-wise, because you will learn the key to career development, including success in business. An element of this training that will run through the entire training is communication, which allows you to build trust with the patient and his family, as well as help the patient communicate with members of medical teams. This model of communication helps build the authority of the therapist, improves therapy, and improves the relationship of the patient, his family with doctors and other experts. This makes the Clinical WaterTherapy therapist a Guide-Mentor for the patient and his family. The aim of the training is to prepare people who want to help children with cerebral palsy in an aquatic environment in such a way that their pediatric patients can develop to the best of their abilities all the time. So that their development is a never-ending process that makes them and their parents happy. According to the experience of the author of the training, Aleksandra Koziorowska, in order to achieve the happiness of a child with a disability, a therapist needs to have empathy, listen and meet the needs of the child, as well as be able to talk, listen and meet the needs of the child's parent. That's why each level of training will develop following the patient, the sesnoric and internal sphere and in contact with the patient and water; communication with the parent, patient, siblings.

In the program of the Clinical Water Therapy  for  parent,  I have included the basic elements required in Clinical Water Therapy and selected sequences that will be tailored to the needs of the patient.
Course of Clinical Water Therapy
Level 0
The participants of the Course of Clinical Water Therapy level 0 are  parents with their children and physiotherapists with one of their patients. The knowledge in the training would focus only to those patients who are in the course.   The substantive condition for participation in the training would be to record a short video of a spontaneous activity of the child/patient who will be at the course. On the first day we would analyze the videos and set goals for the child/patient ( practical theory), on land and then work in the water still without children.  On the second day we would work in the water alone and partially with the children.  The last half of the day would be sessions with the children and the presentation of certificates.  This is such an idea to make parents and physiotherapists feel the idea of Clinical Water Therapy to those patients who are in the training.  
Educational requirements before the course
Recording a short video of a child's spontaneous activity 3 minutes to 5 minutes.The entire child should be visible in the recording. The recording should be made from the side of the child, or from the front, or from above.The video or a link from the video should be sent to: biuro@icpi.pl. The deadline for submitting the video is 14 days before the start date of the course. Sending the video is a condition to participate in the course.
Send back the application questionnaire, which will include the child's name, the child's age, diagnosis and one main problem of the child that you would like to solve at the course.  link to the application:  https://forms.gle/Ng6HTcVjmq3Kz4H67 .

Course location
Course date
Course participants
Parents of children with special needs and physical therapists
Course group
Small group work, 6-8 adults.
Instructor leading the course - Aleksandra Koziorowska
I am driven by empathy and inspired by the smiles of my patients.  I am an  M.Sc. in physiotherapy, certified NDT - Bobath and Watsu therapist, Watsu instructor at Watsu level 1, Clinical Water Therapy Therapist, Business Coach.  Since 2009, I have been working as a pediatric physiotherapist supporting the developmentof children with neurodevelopmental problems. Since 2011 I have been runningan independent practice under the name Aleksandra Koziorowska Pediatric Physiotherapy, and since 2021 I have been the President of the International Child Physiotherapy Institute. The Institute's mission is to provide holistic help and support to the family of children with disabilities as well as training activities. I have participated in 4 NDT - Bobath Basic training courses as a student and assistant, and in 3 NDT - Bobath Baby trainings learning and assisting Nedzie Rotar. I developmy communication and training skills during mentoring sessions and coach training. Many years of experience, working with children with CP, and scientific work inspired me to create Clinical Water Therapy and to develop a training and coaching path.

1 day/Friday
Working on land
   1 Introduction
   2. Idea of Clinical Water Therapy
   3.Psychological side of Clinical WaterTherapy
   4. Application of Clinical Water Therapy
   5. Therapeutic Program of Clinical Water Therapy
   6. My experience from the patient's point of view.
   7. Case study - individual analysis of the needs of the patient in training.
       a) Initial patient chart
       b) Preliminary analysis after watching the video with the patient
       c) Qualification for a session of Clinical Water Therapy.
       d) Determination of therapy strategy
       e) Communicate therapy objectives to the parent
    8. Summary
Working in the water
  1. Working model - water environment
  2. Harmonious model of cooperation with the patient during the session
  3. ABC of the first session of Clinical Water Therapy

2 day/ Saturday
Working in the water
  1. Techniques and positions of Clinical Aquatic Therapy tailored to the needs of trainees
  2. Working with the patient
  3. Summary of the day

3 day/ Sunday
Working in the water
  1. Questions and response from participants
  2. Clinical Water Therapy sessions of the sudents
  3. Summary
Working on land
  1. Conclusion of the training
  2. Summary and distribution of certificates.
Międzynarodowy Instytut
Fizjoterapii Dziecięcej Sp. z o.o.

Aleksandra Koziorowska
Tel. 507 801 675
E-mail: biuro@icpi.pl
Międzynarodowy Instytut Fizjoterapii Dziecięcej Sp. z o.o.
mgr Aleksandra Koziorowska
tel. 507 801 675
e-mail: biuro@icpi.pl
Międzynarodowy Instytut
Fizjoterapii Dziecięcej Sp. z o.o.
mgr Aleksandra Koziorowska
tel. 507 801 675
e-mail: biuro@icpi.pl
Międzynarodowy Instytut
Fizjoterapii Dziecięcej Sp. z o.o.
mgr Aleksandra Koziorowska
tel. 507 801 675
e-mail: biuro@icpi.pl
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